All Mapped Out is the newest collection of Stories from the Edmonton Writers Group. It was published in 2020. The book showcases the talents of authors from throughout the area. The EWG authors write in various genres, including romance, science fiction, crime fiction, historical fiction and non-fiction. In addition, many of the authors write stories that revolve around world-building.

The theme for the fourth anthology helped challenge the creativity of each member who submitted a story. If you think All Mapped Out is a geography book, you would be letting your mind wander in the wrong direction. Instead, each of the stories is about the journey each author takes you on.

When the group decided the theme would be about maps, I immediately knew that mine would be a story inspired by a fascination with family history and include my granddaughter Sophie.

When Sophie realizes she has forgotten a homework assignment, her grandfather comes to the rescue. Using a magical family tree, the two of them travel back in time to see what family life was like before either of them was born.