Loot for the Taking

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What people are saying about Loot for Taking 

“Loot for the Taking” revolves around the real life robbery in 1977 of the Vancouver Safety Deposit Vault in Vancouver, British Columbia. It tells the tale of four average friends who decide to rob the vault of a fortune in money, jewels, and bonds.

The author has produced a cohesive story that is extremely well written, and keeps you reading to the very end. The characters are intricately developed, and their motivations are believable. The explanation of how the robbery was carried out is very detailed, and gives the story a life of it own that keeps you turning the pages.

Historical fiction is a growing genre, that more authors should investigate, as the rewards are substantial. These include such a thing as a targeted audience, which is something very few other genres can boast. On the down side of this genre there is the research that the author has to do to support the story, which most authors are unwilling or unable to do. Mr. Levers has definitely succeeded in this and has produced a story that should delight all readers. In addition, his interweaving of the dream sequences was an interesting plot twist that definitely kept me interested.

The only thing I found missing in this novel – and it’s a minor thing that likely only matters to very few readers – is the lack of a bibliography. As an author myself, when I read a historical fiction piece I frequently like to read more on the subject, and would have appreciated the reference material.

I’m very much looking forward to the next book by this author.

The New Northern Rambler  (Howard G) October 8, 2018

In response to the disappointment of not having a bibliography, It was something that I hadn’t thought about, but in my defence; Prior to the writing of my book, there have never been any other stories done about this almost perfect heist. I will keep Howards suggestions in mind as I work on the real story of the crime.

This is a surprisingly good book that takes me on a roller coaster ride with its suspenseful plot and engaging writing! Truth be told, this book starts slow but once the pace speeds up and the twists kick in, I simply can’t put it down. Loot For The Taking tells the story of four good friends – Chris, Dan, Bob, Harry – attempting to break into the Vancouver Safety Deposit Vaults. Breaking into the vault is one thing, but making a clean escape with the loot is a whole new ball game altogether. Can these four Average Joes pull off a world class heist where professional thieves fail to do? This well-researched book which is inspired by one of the greatest bank-heists – the 1977 robbery of the Vancouver Safety Deposit Vault – is a MUST READ if you enjoy heist stories!

I have a soft spot for fictional stories based on true events – blend of fact and fiction – as I find they are always both entertaining and educational, and this book is definitely not lacking any of these elements! I think what grabbed me the most was that it is about four ordinary guys (people just like me and you) trying to pull off a bank heist. So, it piqued my interest for sure! It is a well-researched book with so much details and thoughts put into the heist plan which was crucial to the plot of the story.

The characters are pretty well-developed with good depth although I still do not understand why the main character, Chris would mastermind this heist. I would assume that his curiosity about the contents of the thousands of safety deposit boxes sitting in the vault gets the better of him. That being said, I do find that the characters are believable and relatable.

Overall, Loot For The Taking did not disappoint! I experienced some adrenaline-pumping moments which I think is important in an action/crime story. Albeit the slow start, this is a worth reading book through the end! thereadingowlvina (Elvina Ulrich)’s Reviews 4 STARS ****


I have just finished “Loot for the Taking”. It may surprise you to know that I have not read a proper book for a few years mainly because of my deteriorating eyesight. Last weekend I cast aside my various electronic “screens”, donned my 3x readers and plunged forth.

I must say that I enjoyed this book immensely, it was fun and light hearted with a menacing undertone that propelled the narrative. I really appreciated having personal knowledge of the settings and places; I suppose the familiarity of locales generates more interest (at least it did in my opinion). I have discussed the book with several friends and they all proclaim they want to borrow my copy when I’m finished. I told them to buy their own.

I’ll keep my eyes open for your next opus. Jack Thompson


We are just back from Mexico. I took your book down to read when I wasn’t distracted. It is great, I couldn’t put it down. I am really impressed by how much you must have researched for the book. Learning all about the equipment to do the break in and the technical details about the location. Out of curiosity did you ever meet any of the guys who actually did the break in? Also do you have any idea about what happened to the guys? Anyway a fantastic read, I think it would make a great movie!!!   Paul Longtin


I bought Loot for the Taking from you at the Chapters on Gateway back in October of last year and just finished it recently. I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely loved it. Every time I picked it up my eyes were glued to the page, and it kept me up late wanting to read “just one more chapter,” as I kept telling myself. Thanks for the book, and I’m eagerly awaiting your next piece of work
Riley Sherman

I gotta say, I loved this book, I read a ton of stories and this really stood out. It was full of humour and twists and as I read it I was thinking movie, movie, movie. I really think this book has the potential to be a motion picture and I’m not just saying that, I really envision it.  Ben Dunhill

Don has written a well-researched, well-structured and very entertaining book. There were lots of surprises and unexpected twists. It is a nice start to his writing career!! Peg Henderson

I read this book very soon after it came out. For an author writing his first adult book I was very happy with it. From start to finish I wondered how it would end. There were some twists and turns that took me a while to figure out but all in all I did enjoy it. I understand that he is working on another book now and I anticipate enjoying it as well. Cheryl McGowan

Spent the last 2 days glued to this book. It was fantastic.  Jennifer Annand

Thoroughly enjoyed Don’s book. It grabbed my attention right from the beginning and kept my interest throughout. Loved the twists and turns and it was obvious it was well researched. Very impressive! Lynne Hill

Loved your book, bought it yesterday finished it today. Looking forward to your next book and by the way I agree it would be a great movie.  Anita McKie

Good Reads Rating of 4.33

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