Inspired by real events. Loot for the Taking is crime fiction for history buffs and die hard suspense readers.

What do the 1987 Knightsbridge Deposit Robbery, the 1971 Baker Street Robbery and the 1976 Société Générale Bank Burglary have in common? The people who executed these heists were all professional thieves, and they were all captured. Chris Porter and his friends are just four average guys leading ordinary lives. After the death of his parents, Chris discovers a key to a box in a private safety deposit vault. He is shocked to find over $100,000 worth of valuables in their deposit box. There are five thousand individual boxes in the Vancouver Safety Deposit vaults. If his parents, who were living off a modest pension, had that much in their box, Chris wonders what the rest of those boxes might hold. The question is, could four regular guys do what master criminals around the world had failed to do? Getting the loot that was there for the taking looked like the easy part. Not getting caught like the professionals would be far more challenging. Will these ordinary guys join the list of arrested thieves like those responsible for the robberies in England and France, or could they get away with it forever, becoming legends like D.B. Cooper?